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Motherson Innovations Australia electronics manufacturing facility is an environmentally controlled clean room furnished with state of the art surface mount pick and place lines dedicated to lead or lead-free soldering.

A fully automated laser printer capable of etching barcodes, 3D barcodes, text and graphics is available for Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) batch coding. Strict quality systems mean that each individual component loaded on every PCBA can be traced back to the manufacturer’s batch code.

To complement the surface mount lines, the facility includes various semi-automatic through hole soldering machines, including robot solders, wave solder and selective soldering machines. This allows SMR Technologies to cater to flexible mix technology designs without the price impact and quality issues associated with hand soldering.

For applications requiring environmental protection, semi-automatic machines are available for applying various UV cured coats.

The facility’s current product portfolio includes a spectrum of technologies from simple single sided mix through hole, surface mounted PCBAs through to high density double sided PCBAs.

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