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Injection Moulding

Using state of the art moulding machines, Motherson Innovations Australia specialises in multiple technologies for injection moulding to produce technically and economically superior polymer products.

The latest design and simulation tools, including Moldflow® software for flow analysis and structural analysis are used by engineers to optimise all aspects of product design prior to manufacturing, ensuring that structural integrity, cost minimisation and aesthetics are maximised.

Motherson Innovations Australia moulding capabilities

■  More than 70 moulding machines ranging from 10t to 500t, most of them aided by automation robots
  Gas assist expertise to create hollow channels within an injection-molded plastic part enabling component weight reduction
  MuCell® expertise, using less raw material than conventional methods to design and manufacture extremely high quality light weight products, whilst delivering improved dimensional stability, all at reduced production cost
 Gear and worm moulding technology requiring high accuracy for gears and drive train components
 Insert and co-moulding – allowing one step manufacture of components with more than one colour or material, for example for integrated elastomer gaskets
 Reinforced glass fibre moulding for maximum strength
  Expertise in both thermoplastic and elastomeric materials using a wide range of engineering resin types for a wide range of interior and exterior applications

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