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Surface Coatings

SMR Technologies specialises in using various thin film coating techniques including magnetron sputtering, thermal evaporation and various forms of customised plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition.

The wide scope and capability of our coating processes allow substrates of various sizes and geometries to be 3D-coated with precision and speed at a low cost.

We have the ability to create engineered surfaces using custom-design coatings and interfaces for decorative and functional applications.


Dip coating
Colour coating
Multi layer thin film coating
Protective assembly and logistics of coated products

SMR Technologies use a range of leading-edge technologies to apply nano-structured coatings including:

■  Liquid silicon hard-coats for transparent, durable and abrasion resistant coatings
  Thermal evaporative metallisation of aluminium for lighting applications
  Reactive magnetron sputtering for reflective, decorative or functional applications

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